WhyQuit - an abrupt nicotine cessation - cold turkey - quit smoking support group to help smokers stop and end their dependence upon cigarettes, tobacco and nicotine.  Why Quit is an international nicotine cessation forum serving smokers and quitters in all English speaking nations and has graduates in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, England, UK,  Scotland, Greece, Ireland, South Africa, Canda and scores of other nations.
Why quit smoking? - try lung cancer, emphysema, stroke, memory loss, heart attack, the smell and stink, ashtrays, burn holes, wheezing, chronic depression, Burgers disease, coughing, throat cancer, gum disease, tooth loss, it's expensive and then look at pictures, photos, stories of those who are damged, decaying, dead and dying young?
 Are you saying to yourself, why quit smoking -  help me quit smoking  - I can't quit smoking -  I am addicted - a nicotine addict - a real live drug addict  and I will die if I don't get help - please help me!   Teen smokers welcome too, come inside! Founded in 1999 by John Polito of Summerville, South Carolina, today WhyQuit serves as a powerful motivational resource for teenagers and all who are dependent upon nicotine

Joel Spitzer has taught live nicotine cessation clinic programs in the Chicago area of Illinois for almost thirty years and his programs are some of the most effective in the world.

Joel Spitzer's Quit Smoking Reinforcement Library.  Joel is the author of My Cigarette My Friend, The Smoker's Vow and scores of other powerful and insightful articles that are becoming cornerstones of effective smoking cessation programs around the globe.

Learn about nicotine withdrawal, crave triggers, recovery timing, low blood sugar,  how to avoid weight gain, depression or feeling sad or depressed, dealing with smoking thoughts, cravings, with a one day at a time approach to quitting smoking

Freedom from Tobacco is a  free nicotine cessation forum where new quitters spend the first 72 hours of withdrawal mastering the core priniciples underlying their chemical dependency upon nicotine, and then apply for membership in a discussion forum that is 100% nicotine clean.  Sorry, no nicotine patch, nicotine gum, nicotine water, nicotine sucker, spray, inhaler, straw, lozenge, drops, snuff, dip, chew, pipe, cigar or cigarette!  Just you!

Freedom is a cold turkey quit smoking forum whose discussion boards are reserved for serious quitters.  A highly focused single-minded abrupt nicotine cessation education program sets Freedom apart from almost all other online forums

At Freedom we define support  as education, guidance and group celebration!

完全断煙禁煙法はニコチンガム使用よりも10倍効果的か? 2004年1月13日
サウスキャロライナ州は死に瀕するニコチン依存症患者を無視 2004年1月13日
ハイジャックされた全米禁煙デー-   2003年12月21日
禁煙補助剤(ニコチン離脱のための製品)は悪い冗談か?-   2003年12月21日

2003年3月ニコチン置換療法の事後検証、禁煙後6ヶ月で93%が禁煙に失敗  -   2003年8月17日

十代の若者はニコチン置換療法に中毒になっているのか?  -   2003年8月17日

JAMA研究は NRTは効果的でないと結論付ける(日本語化済み)。  -   2002年10月3日

妊娠中まは授乳中の喫煙について  -   September 9, 2002

Nニコチン依存症10の警報 - HONC  -   August 29, 2002

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